Projects / R&D

05.12.2016:The Bookstore, designed to encourage citizens to read books, develop reading culture, meet the needs of education, information and personal development; and encourage the development of communication and social skills, aims at facilitating access to the book at the same time.
The collection includes 1270 books addressing to all age groups and different areas such as the most popular books in Turkish and World literatures, books on local culture and history, classics, modern classics, popular books, personal development books, children's books .
In the Bookstore, which is open between 08:00 to 17:00 hours 7 days a week, the membership system has been initiated and the citizens who are given their identity card are lent books for 15 days. Readers' opinions, suggestions and criticisms about books and services are evaluated.

21.11.2016:In order to give education to the children living in conflict areas, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality opened a school in Jarablus.
Ahmet Selim Mulla High School, which was used as a prison and torture centre under the control of the terrorist organization ISIL in Jarablus town of Aleppo in Syria, resumed its teaching after the restoration was done by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality.
The municipality have acted and restored Ahmet Selim Mulla High School in 43 days with a 60 man team so that children from Jarablus won’t fall behind from their education.
Ahmet Selim Mulla High School, where the walls were painted, all the doors and windows were built, the ruined walls were rebuilt and the landscaping work was completed and 80 trees were planted and 2,500 square meters of grass were laid.

18.11.2016:Gaziantep culture and art centre was awarded the “Continuity Prize”.
The award ceremony of the "Historical and Cultural Heritage Conservation Project and Encouragement of Practices" organized by the Historical Cities Association for 15 years was held at the YAPEX Restoration Fair. In the competition Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Renovation of Gaziantep Culture and Arts Centre was seen worthy of the 'Continuity Award'. Deputy Secretary General of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Sezer Cihan has received the award on behalf of the Municipality.
47 municipalities and 83 projects participated in the competition which is organized every year called "Project to Encourage the Preservation of Historic and Cultural Heritage Projects" that brought historical municipalities, academicians and experts together for the competition. The awarded conservation projects of the municipalities participated in the competition was shared with the participants at the Competition Exhibition at the YAPEX Fair.
The 'Continuity Award' was appreciated by the jury of the Renovation of the Historical Cities Association of the Cultural Arts Centre in Gaziantep, which is the continuation of the conservation work carried out within the scope of the Gaziantep Cultural Road.

8.11.2016:Within the scope of the European Heritage Days jointly organized by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 8-12 year old children are given practical archaeological excavation lessons.
In Gaziantep, famous for its historical and cultural heritage, applied archaeological excavation lessons are given to the 3rd and 4th grade students of primary education. Within the scope of the European Heritage Days, it is aimed that with the 'Archaeology Pool' project, 500 students will be given archaeological excavation lessons. It was aimed to train 500 students between November 7 and November 11.

18-21.08.2016: Exhibition was opened at Gaziantep Culture and Art Centre (previous courthouse).
The photographer Mehmet Fatih Eminoğlu teaching courses to GASMEK students informed that courses are organized every 3 months and there are 67 photographs which were taken at places such as Istanbul, Amasya, Safranbolu, Antalya and Alanya at the exhibition.
Especially Syrian-themed photographs which attracted many youngsters attention are presented in some sections of the exhibition.

07.11.2016:Accordingly, children from kinder garden and Ibrahim Gunduz Day Care Centre were given “Environmental Education.”The importance of recycling was explained to the 80 kids from the kinder garden by the authorities of the Environmental Protection and Control Department; children were informed about recycling of the glass, paper, plastic and trash and keeping the environment clean.
The "Environmental Awareness Trainings" project, which is generally applied to 3rd and 4th year students, is continuing education in a wider scope with the involvement of nurseries and kinder gardens.
As educations aims to learn by having fun, after the teachings, the children were givens oil and water penny banks, glowing pens and training packages (notebook and dental care set).
2016-2017 education period will continue throughout the year, and it is expected to reach 100 thousand students by the end of the year.

3.11.2016:The organization T-One Der, aiming to introduce a significant part of the mosaics, one of the most important cultural heritages of Anatolia, organized a presentation of the “Mosaic Road Project” at the UNESCO Headquarter in Paris (France). The 40th World Heritage Committee Session of the "Mosaic Road" project was organized, related to the mosaic artefacts revealed in the archaeological excavations made in the region of Gaziantep, Hatay, Kahramanmaraş and Şanlıurfa, which hosted countless civilizations.
Mrs Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director General, said at the conference that the mosaics reflect the culture and history of people who have lived since 4000 years.
Before, the promotion of the project has been done in Switzerland and Italy. 
In the presentation which was held in UNESCO building, the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Department of Cultural and Social Affairs presented the documents about mosaic and presents, and explained the mosaic construction stages in practice. In addition, the micro mosaic exhibition held at the "Mosaic Art Centre", a joint project of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and Silk Road Development Agency, attracted great interest among the participants.

1.11.2016: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality launches Turkey's first practical "Children's Library". In the library built inside of the Park thanks to the initiatives of the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin, the children will be able to not only read books but perform music, painting workshops and drama activities; to improve children's cultural and artistic skills. Story time, creative fairy tales and authorship workshops are aimed at realizing many activities that will expand children's imagination and contribute to their mental development.
There are exhibition areas where children will exhibit their works; the application departments are located in the library, which has workshops as well as resting and reading areas. In addition, children's book authors and experts are planning to organize interviews and activities for children.
The library will have many books from different authors and Children will be able borrow books, read them, bring them back to the library, and get new books. Through the system installed in the library, many activities will be organized to encourage children to read and borrow books.

18-21.08.2016: Mixed Photograph Exhibition organized by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality was opened:Exhibition was opened at Gaziantep Culture and Art Centre (previous courthouse).
The photographer Mehmet Fatih Eminoğlu teaching courses to GASMEK students informed that courses are organized every 3 months and there are 67 photographs which were taken at places such as Istanbul, Amasya, Safranbolu, Antalya and Alanya at the exhibition.
Especially Syrian-themed photographs which attracted many youngsters attention are presented in some sections of the exhibition.

18.08.2016: Summer Science workshops:Summer Science Workshops have been held in Planetarium and Science Centre within Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Head of Culture and Social Affairs Department.
11 different kinds of Summer Science Workshops have been held during between 18th of July and 12th of August.
Youngsters showed a lot of interests to the “Robot Programming”, “Robotic”, “Young Engineers”, “Astronomy and Solar Observation”, “Traditional Solar System”, “Specific Gravity”, “Feast Colouring”, “Story Hunters”, “Painter Robot”, “Enjoyable Science”, “Modelling Livers”. 465 children and young including 66 Syrians attended to the workshops during 5 weeks.
Students, benefiting from the workshops, participated during summer holidays. It is aimed that students gain the qualities such as using their creativity, analytic thinking, teamwork habits, learning how to question.
Children and the youngsters attending to the workshops that appeal to their age group gets a chance to learn science, astrology, technology from the summer science workshops and they had a lot of fun by applying what they learnt.

17.08.2016: Women are learning how to read and write. :Free literacy classes are being organized for the illiterate women in Gaziantep under the initiative of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mrs Fatma Şahin.
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Art and Vocational Training Courses (GASMEK) provides free courses for everyone in order to facilitate the access to a profession in the city and districts; women aged 20 to 66 show great interest to these courses and get the opportunity to have a profession by attending various different courses after learning how to read and write.
GASMEK’s literacy courses are given in 6 different course centres and lasts 3 months. Certificates are given to the participants after completing the training which lasts 3 hours and 3 days a week.

17.05.2016: Opening ceremony of the 8th session of the paintings and art’s exhibition from Slovenian artists in Gaziantep. With the presence of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Vice M

18.05.2016: In order to support UNESCO’s conviction on the importance of museums as a place for dialogue, mutual understanding and common values, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality celebrated the Museum Day. Activities have been organized in most of the city’s museums as tea time for children at the Toy Museum (with traditional sweet dishes) or guided visits. Museums were opened until 11 p.m.

17.05.2016: Opening ceremony of the 8th session of the paintings and art’s exhibition from Slovenian artists in Gaziantep. With the presence of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Vice M

18.05.2016: In order to support UNESCO’s conviction on the importance of museums as a place for dialogue, mutual understanding and common values, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality celebrated the Museum Day. Activities have been organized in most of the city’s museums as tea time for children at the Toy Museum (with traditional sweet dishes) or guided visits. Museums were opened until 11 p.m.

17.05.2016: Opening ceremony of the 8th session of the paintings and art’s exhibition from Slovenian artists in Gaziantep. With the presence of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Vice Mayor, the Ambassador of the Slovenian Republic in Ankara and some representatives of the Slovenian Republic. This exhibition seals the friendly relation that exists between the two countries (Gaziantep is twinned with Celje in Slovenia). Slovenian and Turkish artists exchanged their view on art and shared their perspectives on the future of art with some young people presents on this event. Some 40 pieces of arts (paintings and sculptures) are exposed during this exhibition.

13.05.2016: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Gaziantep University (with the participation of the Social Awareness Project Centre of the University) and the team of the magazine “Gastro Magazine” organized a discussion on the topic of The UNESCO Creative Cities and the importance of the network in the development of the city of Gaziantep. Discussion was open for students and public.

09.05.2016: GASMEK (Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Art and Vocational Training Centre) opened a new cultural centre in Karataş district. The free of charge courses consist of art and design, music, Turkish Islamic arts, information technologies, crafts, foreign language, beauty and hair care services, garment manufacturing technology, elderly care, child development, etc.

03-08.05.2016: In association with TÜYAP, the Association of the Turkish Editors, the Governorship of Gaziantep, Gaziantep University, Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality organized Gaziantep Annual Book Fair. The event was again a success with more than 100.000 of visitors for 75 publishing house.

23.04.2016: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and Mizyal Art Museum organized a Kids Drawings Contest with 18 different countries and near 4.000 students (from 5 to 19 years old). The thematic of the contest, which is in its 28th year, was this year on “cultural values, nature and life in community”. The contest has been closed by a puppet performance presented by a team of artists from Bulgaria.

18-21.04.2016: UCLG-MEWA (United Cities & Local Governments Middle East and West Asia Section) Committee on Social Inclusion and Migration, Culture and Gastronomy Summit was held in Gaziantep. A session of the conference was devoted to the Culture and Gastronomy as key factors in planning and designing cities (how the interplay of physical design and socio-spatial practices centered on food and culture can help to maintain socially rich, productive and sustainable urban space). In that scope, debates closed on the following recommendations: stimulating productions locally; increasing relation between social statutes; focusing on food and cultures as guide to new live styles.

14.04.2016: After 2 years of renovation, the former Gaziantep’s courthouse opens as a Culture and Art Centre. The floors were replaced by mosaics following the antic roman method and by using recycled materials (as laminated and tempered glass pieces). Mosaics have been done by young drug addict people who are aimed to be rehabilitated in rehabilitation institute and by women from women’s shelter. The centre will provide workshops on glass, ebru, mosaic and drawing, courses on music, fashion and beaux arts. Moreover, the centre will work as an art gallery, with exhibition halls, cafes, art centre, theatre and library for kids, etc.

06.04.2016: In the framework of the 7th Children Festival, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality has organized a cinema fair for the children which have never been to cinema before. They could watch an animation movie.

• Innovation in Concept of Cultural Heritage

From 2010 to 2012, as part of the Leonardo da Vinci program, 5 to 9 specialists respectively representatives their cities, got together in Scotland to conduct researches on gastronomy, crafts, literature and music. Under this project, 10 foreign cultural heritage specialists from Scotland examined the protection of cultural heritage (projects with a relationship sustainable development EU grant funding of national origin). These projects, with the participation of KUMID members for 10 days, were notably concerning GAP region, including Gaziantep and the surrounding cities (Siirt, Şanlıurfa, Diyarbakır, etc.). During these meetings, experts exchanged information with authorities and relevant persons (project managers, trainees, etc), visit historic and natural heritage of the area as well as museums. In scope of the project, the program of the future visitors has been prepared by KUMID, GAP Office (Ankara), Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce and ARSAN Travel Centre (Gaziantep) with their valuable and voluntary contributions.

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• Disadvantaged Groups

Since the civil war in Syria breaked out, an intense migration flow has been starting from Syria to Turkey. One of the most affected provinces from this migration flows is undoubtedly Gaziantep. According to last figures 300,000 Syrian refugees are living in Gaziantep.

Many of assistance and support are provided to these refugees by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. Health and Social Services Department carries out this aids as follows:

Food (Food aid from 3 food processing firms, periodic food aid)
Education (according to the Syrian degree courses, Syrian information and training centres courses are given, as well as courses within the Turkish education system)
Health (Examinations services in medical centers)
Clothes (Periodic clothes aid)
Blankets aid, etc.

• Education and training program for disabled people

In March 2015, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Disabled Department prepared six projects in accordance with the Ministry of Labour and Employment Agency who allocated the funds especially for these projects.
First planned projects and teaching programms:

"I produce my mind”: Mentally handicapped people: accessories made from waste paper and various packaging
“Seeing Hands”: Computer lessons for blind people
“Computer lessons (graphic and animation)”: for deaf people
“Work without handicap, Service without handicap”: computer repair and maintenance course for deaf people

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality plans to open a "Down Café" for citizens suffering from Down’s syndrome. Besides, SODES, as part of the "Productive Hands" Project on gluten-free flour production, planned a total collaboration of disabled people. If the project is realized, all employees will be people with disabilities.

• International Mosaic Contest

In 2013, the first edition of an International Contest was held in the Museum Hall Exhibition of Zeugma Mosaic Museum, accompanied of conferences given by the artists onto their creative process. 15 different countries joined the contest and it was the first time that such a contest took place in Turkey. “The aim of organizing the contest was to make the city active in the field of culture” said on this occasion the vice chairman of Culture and Tourism Ministry Mehmet Aykanat. This first year the winner was the Italian artist Giulio Menossi.

• Festivals

İnternational Pistachio Festival of Culture and Arts

Since 2005 an annual international Pistachio Festival of Culture and Arts is organized in Gaziantep by the Metropolitan Municipality.

Delegations of different countries are on this occasion invited to participate to this event, as last year for instance, when Cameroon’s Delegation proposed a show dance. Photographic exhibitions, music concerts, etc. are also proposed during the Gaziantep Pistachio Festival. Concerning gastronomy, baklavas eating contest, best traditional dish competition or best pistachio nut are organized. This festival lasts 5 days.

• Pomegranate and Culture Festival

Pomegranate and Culture Festival takes place in Oğuzeli one day in September. During this festival are presented and tasted dishes prepared with pomegranate, a food basic in particular in the manufacturing of pomegranate sauce, a sort of bitter-sweet vinegar which is mainly in use as seasoning salads, consumed all year long in Gaziantep.

• Shira Festival

Since 3 years, Şirehan food and beverage festival of Gaziantep is organized in a restored caravanserai, transformed in hotel and restaurant. The purpose of this festival turns around the Shira which was a part of the historical vintage festivals which roots back to the Bacchanalia. In Gaziantep, people were not just producing wine but many desserts or molasses based on grape. This production was done with all the local people before winter to be able to consume grapes products during that period. The Şirehan Festival aims to remind and maintain the shira tradition. It last 3 days in the course which starts with vintage, continues with all stages of shira making, and achieves by the presentation of meals cooked by chefs from different countries. Every year, the festival turns around a specific them and program includes the intervention of other cultural domains as visit of archaeological sites, museums, etc. Local, national and international participants share so on this occasion their assets, experimentations, and expectations.

• Zeugma international film festival

In 2014, an International Zeugma Film Festival was organized in Gaziantep for a week, with more than 60 short and feature-length films presented along, 19 documentaries and many panel discussions. Speaking during the festival's launch event, Turkish actor Kadir İnanır said a country's happiness is dependent on its culture and arts. Author Ahmet Ümit agreed with İnanır and highlighted the need to organize more festivals in the industrial city to revive culture and arts.

• Cultural Road Project

It is a winning project implemented by the Municipality of Gaziantep. The project includes the restoration of the historic district in the city centre and the regulation of roads and sidewalks in the surrounding areas. As part of this Project, we can find some restored structures in the list below:

Gaziantep Castel
Naim Turkish bath
Bayaz Caravanserai
Büdeyri Caravanserai
Şıra Caravanserai
Emine Göğüs Kitchen museum
Coppersmiths street
Kürkçü Caravanserai
Boyavı Mosque
Kurtuluş Mosque
Şirvan Mosque
Old Gaziantep houses in Bey Street
Ömer Ersoy Cultural Centre

• International Mosaic Competition, 2015

"International Gaziantep Mosaic Competition 2015 will be held by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism.

In the scope of Project which aims the studies will become a centre that will contribute to development of Gaziantep's artistic and cultural activities, mosaic artists and art lovers will come together.

Project started in April and it will take Provincial directorate of culture and tourism approximately 6 months, the competition will be held for three days. The arts will be judged and the award ceremony will be done during the ceremony. The contest will be held on 22-24 October; the winning works will be exhibited. Later on, the Works will stay in the Provincial directorate of culture and tourism, and then in subsequent years, the Works will bring all together and become a collection of contemporary mosaics. After the competition, the artists participating in the competition will have Gaziantep city tour and Zeugma Ancient city and mosaics will be presented to the visitors.

Meanwhile, the first mosaic competition was held as "90 Works International Mosaic Competition" on behalf of 90th anniversary of Proclamation of the Republic in 2013. This project was prepared by Gaziantep Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism and it was supported by Prime Ministry Promotion Fund and local sponsors.

• The municipality say no to violence, 2010

The General Office of the European Union in association with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) offered support to the municipal “Women’s Refuge Project” initiated by “Women say no to violence”. The scope of the project is located in the provinces of Gaziantep where a study on women and violence is being undertaken.