Cooking Utensils

Historical vestiges, including those related to food, demonstrate the high level of social culture and culinary arts of the region.
There are many cuisine utensils which are not anymore in use in many regions or countries. But in Gaziantep, some can still be find in some houses. Carved stone rafts (to crush the grape and various objects), mills, masere pots (made by copper and used for boiling grape juice), copper basins, big boilers for food and other purposes, oil boilers, trays and jars, and many other materials are the examples that indicating that gastronomic culture was based on ancient times.

The size of some tools reveals the collective behavior created by the social life and the importance of solidarity from the past to the present.

Examples of goods are still heavily used in Gaziantep cuisine today as; plate (food plate), bowl (cup used to drink ayran or water), boilers (used for cooking), masere boilers (boilers used for boiling the grape juice), seferiye bowl (placing and carrying food) satıl (for carrying water), water-can (for putting water inside), samovar and teapot (for making tea), sini (big tray) and so on.

These materials are usually made by craftsmen in the city. In terms of cultural values, it has a very important place and coppersmith has undertaken the production of copper utensils. Today, it is easy to see copper craftsmen producing copper plate, samovar, tea and coffee pots, etc in front of their shops. Sounds which craftsmen make while working on copper resonate throughout the day in the city's bazaars.

In almost every Gaziantep’s kitchen, utensils and shelves where plates and cups placed, are arranged symmetrically and the edges of these shelves are often adorned with doyleys.