Stockfarming: Meat and milk products

Bovine breeding and sheep&goat farming activities are intensively conducted in Gaziantep. In the livestock sector providing resources to the city's gastronomic culture, over 100 livestock farming which producing meat and milk production, have been established because of the growing supply and demands in recent years.

Gaziantep has been the centre of the sheep&goat farming for thousands of years. There are also sheep species called halik and ├╝veysi in the region. There are 2583 small cattle farmers in the region. All the sheep&goat animals, grown surrounding areas, are being marketed and exported from Gaziantep. The meat is very important in Gaziantep dishes and the flesh of these animals is very tasty because animals be nourished in the hills with native plants like thyme or with grasslands. Therefore, sheep meat is indispensable for Gaziantep cuisine.

Doing sheep breeding has led to produce specific Antep cheese. Meanwhile, Antep cheese producing from goat milk is meeting not only the regional demands but also outside of Gaziantep.

Depending on the animal livestock; cream, curd, cottage and other cheeses are the products which contribute to both Gaziantep cuisine culture and economy. Animal products such as butter and plain butter are also among the most important products.

The oil rate in plain butter is 99,9%. Separating the butter fat is the most important feature of this special butter and one of the very ingredients of the baklava making which is adding an incredible flavor into baklava.

Poultry farms established to meet the demands on eggs and white meat, however; poultry meat production is not fully recovers the demands. There are poultry farms which producing over 2 billion of eggs per year. Chicken meat is extensively used in shish kebab dishes and it is more preferred for being healthy day by day.

Honey production is also available for the honey producers in the grasslands. Because this region is very rich of natural thyme (mainly between April and July), honeys of the bees fed by thyme flowers have a delicious flavor and its aromas are appreciated by connoisseurs. Honey farming is being carried out in 20.000 hectares.