Gaziantep University Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department is the main institution who explores Gaziantep Cuisine culture, identification and registration of the dishes.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Culinary Arts Training Centre (MUSEM) and Art and Vocational Training Course Centre (GASMEK) provide a support for scientific studies conducted by Gaziantep University. On the other hand, these centres are the driving power in the studies such as dissemination and extension of information and transferring Gaziantep food culture to the new generation. MUSEM and GASMEK have a wide education and research capacity which provides an access into information for every segment of society.

Emine Göğüş Gaziantep Cuisine Museum exhibites and transfers the historic values of this culture to new generations in Gaziantep.

The other active organization is Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce which working on the protection of unique food culture in the city. The Chamber of Commerce is not only conducting its work for its members serving in the sector. The Chamber of Commerce also takes charge in research, development, registration and presentation all over Gaziantep, national and international level.

There are also strong NGOs alongside the main institutions which operating to kept alive Gaziantep Food Culture, dishes and beverages. Gaziantep Gastronomy and Chefs Association, Gaziantep Club Association and Gaziantep Professional Chefs and Entrepreneurs Association are the most active in the NGOs. Although their headquarters are not only in Gaziantep, Anatolian Kitchen Protection, Research and Development Association and the Association of the Kitchen Friends give a support to local institutions and NGOs about wide range of research and registration of Gaziantep Food Culture.

Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce, Regional Development Agency (Silk Road Development Agency) and Metropolitan Muncipality are the main financial sponsors of the study for research, promotion and protection. Some international projects have been provided funds by central government ministries, EU and TİKA.

All institutions, organizations and NGOs mentioned above can provide cooperation for all kind of work related to the identification, registration, promotion and protection of Gaziantep dishes in national level. The strategic planning for the studies is being generally conducted by Metropolitan Municipality in accordance with the ideas of all other relevant institutions and organizations.