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Gastroantep City of Culture July 2018 R & D

19.07.2018. The Department of Culture and Social Affairs of the Metropolitan Municipality initiated free summer courses held at the Children's Arts Center, which consist of two cycles during summer; this has attracted a lot of attention from the children. Available for all children between the ages of 7-16 ; make the most of summer vacation by attending courses on paintings, ceramics, design, mosaic, drama, marbling, handicrafts and local folklore as well as courses on guitar, violin, bağlama (instrument with 3 double strings) and organ music instruments.

At the same time, the cultural and arts education centres give children the skills to socialize, improve their ability to express themselves and their creativity by giving teamwork skills, giving them an opportunity to think abstractly through cognitive development activities. The centre introduces children to culture and art also encouraging the development of cognitive skills that include reading, abstract thinking, as well as making it easier for children to communicate with their friends in the world of art.

The children attending the first cycle of the program stated that they had a very productive summer vacation and said: "We are both entertained and educated here, we discovered our own talents with the help of the courses, and our trainers were also very helpful too. Thank you to Fatma Şahin, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality who gave us this opportunity. "

The 500 students attending the first cycle of the program finished their program on July 27, 2018. The children who want to participate in the second cycle of the program that is planned to be held from 30 July to 07 September 2018, will be able to personally apply at the Gaziantep Art Centre (Old Courthouse) together with their families.

17.07.2018. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality St Amine Orphan Coordination Centre with its modern structure started to serve orphans and their mothers in the Yazıcık neighbourhood of the Şahinbey district.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality is a leading example for many municipalities as a social municipality. Within the administration of the municipality, the Orphan Coordination Centre did not turn down on any orphans or their mothers in need. With the initiative of Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mrs Fatma Şahin the centre moved to a new building, and in a short period of 5 months, as a modern facility of 1041 square meters within two floors the construction of the St Amine Orphan Coordination Centre was completed.
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and the Health and Social Services Department, will offer various activities for 1250 mothers whom lost their husbands and 3 thousand 500 orphaned children in the St Amine Orphan Coordination Centre. For the mothers, literacy training will be given as well as education of values. Academic support programs will be offered for orphaned children going to the school; children's talents will be brought out by means of painting, music and chess courses. To support self-confidence development and motivation enhancement, excursions and picnics will be arranged within the scope of Ufuk Tours for the children and their mothers.

15.07.2018. 28 years old Heple Aslan, joined Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Art and Vocational Training Courses (GASMEK) two years ago attending a sewing embroidery course and now runs her own tailor shop. The young business woman who set up her own business thanked the Mayor Fatma Şahin for encouraging housewives through these projects. 

GASMEK, affiliated to the Metropolitan Municipality, Health and Social Services Department, as well as Vocational Training and Education Branch Directorate, has graduated 180 thousand students from 316 branches in 25 different courses. Heple Aslan, who stood out among thousands of graduates, said "count me in" to life by opening her own workplace.

Heple Aslan went to GASMEK's sewing embroidery course, developed her hand skill and became an example to her peers. Mayor Fatma Şahin who had visited the neighbourhood by chance entered the tailor shop run by Heple Aslan herself. Having learned that the young woman benefited from the GASMEK course, Mayor Fatma Şahin chatted with her and listened to her life story. Mrs Şahin stated that small changes in a women's life leads to important outcomes: "Women who constitute half of our population are our values, we care about them, the courses in the municipality have enriched the horizons of our women. Heple Aslan, who went to GASMEK's sewing embroidery course, succeeded in developing her craft ship in this branch. This is a very pleasing outcome. Now she has a security for her future supporting herself. Seeing how fruitful our Metropolis projects are, gives us great joy and hope ".

Heple Aslan, the owner of the workplace, explained that she developed her hand skill with the sewing embroidery course which she attended in GASMEK, "I decided to open a tailor shop a year ago. I like to dress local women and repair their clothes. I started to make money and also became more social, then my self-confidence and horizon increased. I now work for a better future and have changed my life expectancies, if all goes to plan I would like to grow my business. I also want to thank the Mayor Fatma Şahin and her team for giving women such an opportunity."

27.03.2018: With the idea that "Young people should read", Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality opens book cafes. Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Sahin emphasized the importance of libraries and books, "Is there another municipality that breaks down shopping centre and makes a book café instead? "Young people should read and study in order to prepare a better future," she said. "We have been opening libraries, book cafes and parks across the city."
In order to refute the perception that "Little Reader makes Unsuccessful City", GMM made libraries in the city centre, set up books in parks, facilitated the access of young people to books and raises awareness in that direction.
Ms Fatma Şahin emphasized that 'Celebrating the Library Week is no longer focusing on economic development but the beginning of a sustainable development period centered on people”.

08.03.2018. International women artist workshop exhibition An exhibition was opened by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality on March 8, World Women's Day, as part of the Gaziantep International Women Artists Workshop. At the end of the workshop bringing together 27 female artists, 54 works were exhibited. The exhibition was available for a week.
The International Women Artists Workshop Exhibition was opened with a ceremony held at the Gaziantep Art Centre.
Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary Deniz Köken, who attended the ceremony, recalled that Gaziantep Women Artists Workshop, which was gathered on March 1-7, specifically organized the exhibition on March 8 in order to celebrate the International Women's Day. Speaking on behalf of the 27 artists, painter Aslı Özen from Gaziantep stated that together they took care of each other and shared their concerns as women during the workshop which lasted for a week; she expressed the happiness of sharing their artworks during this exhibition, especially on this meaningful day.
Among the Turkish artists from across the country, women artists from Switzerland, Slovenia, Iran and Bulgaria participated to the event.

27.02.2018. Mezçem Ezengin and students together opened a mosaic exhibition Gaziantep Municipality Metropolitan Municipality, with the participation of the artist Meyçem Ezengin and her students opened on March 27 at Gaziantep Art Center the exhibition called 'Mosaic One'. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary Deniz Köken participated in the exhibition and delivered participation certificates to the 21 women presenting 58 different artworks. The exhibition showed that mosaic technique does not consist only of the motifs of Roman and Byzantine times, but all kinds of. The works exhibited on the exhibition mainly consisted on glass and the different ways to use it with the mosaic technique.
It is aimed to show how glass is used in different forms in the exhibition where the works of Meyçem Ezengin and his students are exhibited. All of the works are made of glass.

Gastroantep City of Culture R & D November 2017 ENG

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality offers cultural and art classes for children for the 6th time this summer on musical instruments and art workshops.
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality was awarded with the award of " Best Project for Preserving and Sustaining the Cultural and Natural Heritage" at the Sign of the City Awards (SotCA) Real Estate Competition for the transformation of the Old Courthouse Building to an art centre. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin received the award from the hands of the Minister of Environment and Urbanism, Mehmet Özhaseki.

The 4th award ceremony of the Sotca Real Estate Competition (under the leadership of the Hürriyet newspaper and the Lineadecor project) was organized in the Hilton Istanbul Bomonti to promote the best of the Turkish real estate industry and gain a prestigious perspective of the sector. At the award ceremony, the best selected projects participating in the competition were awarded among 122 applications. 79 projects have been evaluated and 22 awarded.

In the contest, 5 main categories and 24 final projects were announced at the end of the 3-stage evaluation. Projects that have been completed or under construction between January 1 2012 and August 11 2017 have been nominated. In order to answer the demands and needs of the sector, it was the first time this year that SotCA has awarded a "Cultural Heritage Protection and Sustaining Project" in the field of conservation and rehabilitation on natural and cultural heritage. The project to transform Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality into a Art Centre of the Old Courthouse Building was chosen as the best project in this category.

About the Art Centre

Because of the increasing of the tourist level and of the revival of the historical infrastructure of the city centre it was necessary to have a big "Art Centre" in the city. But the idea to converting the "Old Courthouse" into an art centre goes back to the 1950s.
Since 2008, the building was used by the government as a mansion, a police headquarters and a court house. Static, restoration and renovations were completed and the building was transferred from the past to the future while keeping its old infrastructure, with visual and auditory art items in its corridors, walls, and courtyards.

Social responsibility to the project

Mosaic courses have been giving to youth from the Municipal Rehabilitation Centre and treated for drug and to women coming from the Women's Shelter and Community Centre. Within the framework of this social responsibility project, 100 thousand tons of waste laminating tempered glass fragments were converted into a mosaic of 5 thousand square meters. 12 women and 16 youth were taught to be professionally trained. The Art centre is a 10 thousand square meters area with a 1000 square meters open middle courtyard where are promoted and coordinated artistic activities: glass workshop, mosaic workshop, painting workshop, music courses, information centre, art gallery, exhibition hall, cafeteria, children's art centre, children's theatre, children library, talent development, urban archive centre, urban research commission, city library and fine arts workshop.

5th of September 2017: Huge Interest for the Classes of Children Art Centre Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality offers cultural and art classes for children for the 6th time this summer on musical instruments and art workshops.
Offerings of design, ceramics, painting, mosaics, marbling, hand crafting, drama, folk dances, guitar, violin and piano classes for the children aged 7-16 for free are much pleased by the parents as courses are free of cost; moreover, it kept kids busy during the summer holidays.
Mrs Fatma Şahin, Mayor of Gaziantep, frequently visits these classes and emphasizes the importance of exploring talents and making them express their feelings that way.
For the summer, during 6 weeks long and throughout 13 categories 730 children took advantage of these workshops. Besides, ‘Summer Festivities Workshops’ in 7 categories including hand crafts, mosaics, ceramics, painting, marbling and drama was offered to 500 children including Syrian and orphan children.
During the last 6 years, approximately 29000 children have been beneficiaries of the classes and workshops offered by Children Art Centre of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality.

9th of September: Mosaics from local ingredients Mosaicist artist Gülçin Sökücü, using 70 different ingredients with her team, crafted the mosaic of the Greek river god Oceanus and his wife Tethys. The original mosaic, coming of the nearest archaeological site Zeugma, has been exhibiting at Zeugma Mosaic museum since 2011.
Gülçin Sökücü, with a group of 8 people, crafted a 2 meter by 2 meter artwork in 10 days; this “mosaic” has been presented at MUSEM, Culinary Art Centre of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. She has stated she has been working on mosaics for the last 12 years and she has worked with number of different materials before including glass and natural stone. Then, for this last work, she has experienced working on a very important asset of Gaziantep, its food.
Mrs Sökücü has stated that local ingredients have perfect colours to craft our artworks and then used pulses such as beans, lentils and garbanzo beans.
Can we speak about “gastromosaic”?

13th of September: Award given as a result of health related projects The health related investments made in the city of Gaziantep has brought an award to the city.
Under the scope of the "6. Local Administrations Project Competition”, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality was awarded by the 2nd prize in the category of "Women's Health Services Project" (Disadvantaged Groups in Municipal Services).
The prize was presented to Mrs Fatma Şahin, Mayor of Gaziantep, by the Turkish President itself.

In order to increase early diagnosis and increase the health conditions of women aged 15-69 in the region, and at any level, City Government, İŞKUR (Turkish Employment Agency), GAP Region Development Agency, Regional Health Administration and private organizations came together to build women health centres. These centres include cancer detection (KETEM), mobile mammography, pregnancy school, IVF unit, detecting genetic diseases and a “mother guesthouse”. The initiative, called ‘Women Friendly City’, became an example to Turkey and the region in the field of women's health.
In the Cancer Detection Centre, 16825 detections have been applied including 7897 mammographies. Mobile detection has applied 4741 applications in the region. In total, 21566 detections have been applied by the cancer related centres.
741 mothers were given on-site training (including in villages). Genetic Disease Centre has served 4826 women and the “mother guesthouse” has welcomed 72 mothers.

18th of September: Educational Support from the Municipality Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality has been supporting the educational institutions.
The Metropolitan Municipality, which is trying to give all kinds of support for the students to get a good education, gives trainings for YGS-LYS and TEOG students (high schools) in Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Art and Vocational Training Courses (GASMEK). The courses aim to help the students to have more chance to succeed their exams. Particularly for students belonging to disadvantaged groups or for students leaving in areas where there is a need to stimulate the social and economic regeneration, free study programs have been given free for about 9 months within the scope of YGS-LYS and TEOG exams.
Additionally, for the university entrance exams, there are classes and as a result students got into faculties such as medicine, law, education, managerial and religious studies.
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Mrs Fatma has been shown repeatedly her support to the program and to the students by visiting the centres and congratulating the candidates who have successfully passed the examinations.
In addition, the Social Assistance Centre of the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Health and Social Affairs has been distributed to approximately 3200 students school uniforms and stationery materials.

In the meantime, Metropolitan Municipality has organized school maintenance before the back-to-school period, including in rural areas, for 381 schools around the region; Mrs Şahin has personally controlled the processes.

16.08.2017. 13,443 people attended GASMEK (Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Art and Vocational Training Centre) summer courses Metropolitan Municipality, which initiated many activities such as summer training, camps and sports activities for the development and well being of children and young people, organized various courses in GASMEK to keep the students occupied during the long summer holidays, evaluate their school level or improve their skills.
In this context all along the summer, courses were organized in 305 different fields, including technological science, music and performing arts, foreign languages, art and design, graphic and photography, technical characteristics of crafts, etc.
In this frame, 3,687 children have received study trainings in 24 different course centres through the town; and 9,746 people benefited from vocational courses.

09.08.2017. “Schools are Booked” Project. The Metropolitan Municipality which has established libraries and bookstores throughout the city in order to encourage people to read and make reading habits popular also handles the creation of libraries in schools. The municipality, which is experiencing the "Schools are Booked" project, will purchase books in accordance with the levels of the students in 10 schools libraries completed in the framework of the project.
The project aims to consolidate students' reading habits, facilitate access to books and encourage them to spend their free time in libraries.
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and the Provincial Directorate of National Education will determined are partners on this project.

08.08.2017. 1,739,000 people visited Gaziantep museums for the last 3 years. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality welcomed 1,739,00 visitors in its 9 different museums.
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality lady Mayor Fatma Şahin is personaly involved in the “Gaziantep City of Museum Project” in addition to all her other obligations.
In this context, Mrs Şahin increased the number of museums throughout the city and made Turkey's first democracy museum "Gaziantep 15th July Democracy Museum" to serve the public.
Mrs Şahin who established Gaziantep's "Turkish Bath Museum" in order to transfer the Turkish bath cultures to the next generations, also launched the creation of “Gaziantep War of Independence Museum” and “Panorama Museum of Heroism”. These two museums aim to share the story of Gaziantep’s fight against the armed forces occupation during the First World War. This Centre will be the first world with a 12 m high and 113 m long panoramic oil painting will take place on a 12,000m2 area.

06.07.2017. “Carchemish archaeological park (“arkeopark”) opens for international visitors” Minister of Culture and Tourism Nabi Avcı and Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Fatma Şahin had a press conference for the excavations held in Carchemish Antique City.  Mr. Avcı was informed about the excavations of Carchemish Antique City which was the capital city of Hittite Empire in 13. Century BC. Head of Excavation Prof. Dr. Nikolo Marcetti had a presentation about Karkamış Antique City and Archaeological park for Mr. Avcı. Mr. Avcı said that Carchemish Antique City will be opened on May 12, 2018 in line with the seasonal conditions and the excavation team's suggestion. Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Fatma Şahin said that Municipality provides all kinds of support for the excavations. A palace discovered in Carchemish The seventh season of the excavations in Karkamış, one of the most important archaeological cities in the world, is about to be completed by the Turkish-Italian team. Recently, a palace which is discovered in this antique city, is the most important finding. There are dozens of seal prints in this building providing unique details about the Hittite Palace.

5.07.2017. The VI. International Love, Peace and Tolerance Golden Brush Watercolor Competition and Festival The 6th International Love, Peace and Tolerance Golden Brush Watercolor Competition and Festival, organized by the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and the International Watercolor Society, took place on July 3-8 this year in Gaziantep. The performance by world famous watercolorist Liu Yi in Gaziantep Bey District was watched with interest by art lovers. At the same time, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Folk Dance Team was taken a lot of attention particularly by foreign guests. Some workshops were held in Gaziantep Art Center and the artists created special art pieces. This festival was also available online and 3 contestants from India, Singapore and China won the Golden Brush Prize. General Secretary of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality said that Gaziantep city is happy to welcome the world’s famous artists. He also emphasized that art has a very important role in life and he believes that there wouldn’t be any problem if children and artists would manage the world. So it is very important for the artists to meet with the city. Thanks to art, from China to USA people from 25 different counties can meet at one point. So as we multiply the common points, fights and wars will be less and we would spend the money on better and nice works like this. 65 foreigners for a total 150 artists participated for this Festival mainly from China, Ukraine Germany, Canada, Azerbaijan India and Hungary. Huang Hua Zhao, Linda Doll, Besnik Xhemaili, Mustafa Bencan, Yaşar Sabri Şanlı, Cansu Ulukuş, Atanur Doğan and Liu Yi were in the jury and they evaluated the art pieces. Park You Mee from Korea was in first place, Hugo Rueda from Ecuador was second and Amit Kapoor from India was third.

28.06.2017 GASMEK has 12 TEOG (high school entrance exam) first place.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Art and Vocational Training Centre (GASMEK) study classes had 12 students who got educational support for TEOG exam and these students answered all the question correct and they are also listed in Turkey’s first place list.
Having social state perspective and trying to touch every segment of the society, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality opened GASMEK for its citizens. In this context, GASMEK opened some branches in disadvantaged districts in the city. Besides providing art and vocational training courses, these centres also provide educational support courses for the students.
Gamze Kara, Bayram Anıl Mekik, Tülay Şevval Korucu, Zehra Oğuz, Merve Yanık, Sekan Çalışkan, Ertugrul Tunçdemir, Fatma Çalışan, Fatma Metinol, Deniz Külek, Ayşe Sakar, Mehmet Can Kaya answered all 120 questions right and they were in the first place in TEOG exam. 1738 students from 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students participated in these support courses during the 2016 – 2017 school year.

20.05.2017. 1ST Gaziantep international art workshop exhibition:Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality held its first “National and International Art Workshop" from the 14th to the 20th of May with participants from all over the world.

The workshop organized by the Art Clan Workshop Curator Cahide Erel had art groups where artists were able to work in different disciplines using to work at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in the 80’s and the cooperation between the groups was organize by the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. 14 natives and 5 foreign artists took place in the workplace. During the 6 days artists that work in different disciplines such as painting, ceramic, sculpture, enamel and photography showed off their work and on the 20th of May the art work took place in an exhibition. This exhibition took place in the garden areas of Gaziantep Art Centre and the Çekül Foundation Centre.

The following names have taken in place in the special fields of the following;

Special field of Painting; Erdal Uzunoğlu, Fikret Özcan, Gülcan Karadağ, İldem Arabacıoğlu, Maryam Salahi, Mustafa Özkan, Recep Batuk, Sema Bicik, Serap Gümüşoğlu

Special Field of Textile; Esen Kürklü

Special Field of Sculpture: Assy Jans, Eda Taşlı, Genti Tavanxhiu, Kadriye İnal, Milena Milosavljevic

Special Field of Glass work: Cahide Erel, ChristelleDerenne

Special Field of Ceramics: Cahide Erel

Special Field of Photography: Hakan Kürklü, Mehmet Özcan

12.04.2017 Watercolors Workshop with Atanur Doğan: With the cooperation of the Metropolitan Municipality and the International Association of Watecolor Society, the International Association of Water Color Society Head of Department Atanur Doğan will be hosting the “Love Peace and Tolerance Through Art” Golden Brush Watercolor Competition and Festival, which will take place between the 3rd and the 8th of July 2017. Before this Festival, Atanur Doğan organized in Gaziantep workshops which brought together more than 140 students within 2 days.

The workshops were held at the Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce Fine Arts High school and Gaziantep University Fine Arts Faculty was assisting the program as well. These workshops were taken place to inform the students about the subtleties of painting with watercolors. International Watercolor Society President Head Painter Atanur Doğan then proceeded to work on watercolor paintings and gave out further information about the workshop.

Doğan stated that the International Watercolor Festival that’s held in Gaziantep has had a lot of interest from countries all over the world and special interest from China. This festival had crucial importance for representing the culture and the arts in Gaziantep. This festival has brought in a lot of interest from other countries and has helped Antep in many ways. Doğan proceeded with emphasizing on the student that are studying Fine Arts that with attending these kinds of festivals, helps them broaden their futures.

23.02.2017. Environmental awareness training for refugee children by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality:Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Department of Environmental Protection and Control has not forgotten the refugee children for its "Environmental Awareness" training applied to 3rd and 4th grade students throughout the region. At the end of the training, which was met with great interest by trainers and children, Green piggy bank, dental care set, notebook set and glowing pens were distributed to the children.

7.02.2017. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality continues to organize activities in order to increase children's culture and artistry awareness.:Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Children's Arts Centre brings children together to meet with culture and art. Creative Art Workshops has been organized for drama, mosaic, marbling, ceramics, design, painting, handicrafts and toy workshops.
Parents and students who have the opportunity to take a semester break benefited from Creative Art Workshops. Total of 220 children participated to Drama (42) Mosaic (29), Ebru (24), Ceramic (21), Design (26), Painting (43), Handicraft (19) and Toy(12) Workshops.
At the end of the "Creative Art Workshops" which is organized for two weeks, all the children, who completed their training, were given participation certificates by their instructors. The artistic products that children created will be displayed in near future.

4.02.2017. New Project for to “Read More”:The "Library for Everyone" project, initiated by Hacettepe University Techno city-Technology Transfer Centre with the cooperation of Global Libraries in the USA, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and "Local Transformation, Global Access" started in Gaziantep.
With this Project, the local libraries will provide services such as e-government, e-municipal services starting with basic computer and internet access for the citizens.
In this context, with the "Library for Everyone" project put into practice in the Gaziantep Culture and Art Centre (former court) run by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, some training such as e-government, e-municipality, CV preparation, health services, secured internet usage and open access for the users who prepare for the exams.
Students who come to the library early in the morning are studying, borrowing books, and some of them are using the library by listening to video lessons from open educational resources on computers.

05.12.2016:The Bookstore, designed to encourage citizens to read books, develop reading culture, meet the needs of education, information and personal development; and encourage the development of communication and social skills, aims at facilitating access to the book at the same time.
The collection includes 1270 books addressing to all age groups and different areas such as the most popular books in Turkish and World literatures, books on local culture and history, classics, modern classics, popular books, personal development books, children's books .
In the Bookstore, which is open between 08:00 to 17:00 hours 7 days a week, the membership system has been initiated and the citizens who are given their identity card are lent books for 15 days. Readers' opinions, suggestions and criticisms about books and services are evaluated.

21.11.2016:In order to give education to the children living in conflict areas, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality opened a school in Jarablus.
Ahmet Selim Mulla High School, which was used as a prison and torture centre under the control of the terrorist organization ISIL in Jarablus town of Aleppo in Syria, resumed its teaching after the restoration was done by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality.
The municipality have acted and restored Ahmet Selim Mulla High School in 43 days with a 60 man team so that children from Jarablus won’t fall behind from their education.
Ahmet Selim Mulla High School, where the walls were painted, all the doors and windows were built, the ruined walls were rebuilt and the landscaping work was completed and 80 trees were planted and 2,500 square meters of grass were laid.

18.11.2016:Gaziantep culture and art centre was awarded the “Continuity Prize”.
The award ceremony of the "Historical and Cultural Heritage Conservation Project and Encouragement of Practices" organized by the Historical Cities Association for 15 years was held at the YAPEX Restoration Fair. In the competition Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Renovation of Gaziantep Culture and Arts Centre was seen worthy of the 'Continuity Award'. Deputy Secretary General of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Sezer Cihan has received the award on behalf of the Municipality.
47 municipalities and 83 projects participated in the competition which is organized every year called "Project to Encourage the Preservation of Historic and Cultural Heritage Projects" that brought historical municipalities, academicians and experts together for the competition. The awarded conservation projects of the municipalities participated in the competition was shared with the participants at the Competition Exhibition at the YAPEX Fair.
The 'Continuity Award' was appreciated by the jury of the Renovation of the Historical Cities Association of the Cultural Arts Centre in Gaziantep, which is the continuation of the conservation work carried out within the scope of the Gaziantep Cultural Road.

8.11.2016:Within the scope of the European Heritage Days jointly organized by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 8-12 year old children are given practical archaeological excavation lessons.
In Gaziantep, famous for its historical and cultural heritage, applied archaeological excavation lessons are given to the 3rd and 4th grade students of primary education. Within the scope of the European Heritage Days, it is aimed that with the 'Archaeology Pool' project, 500 students will be given archaeological excavation lessons. It was aimed to train 500 students between November 7 and November 11.

18-21.08.2016: Exhibition was opened at Gaziantep Culture and Art Centre (previous courthouse).
The photographer Mehmet Fatih Eminoğlu teaching courses to GASMEK students informed that courses are organized every 3 months and there are 67 photographs which were taken at places such as Istanbul, Amasya, Safranbolu, Antalya and Alanya at the exhibition.
Especially Syrian-themed photographs which attracted many youngsters attention are presented in some sections of the exhibition.

07.11.2016:Accordingly, children from kinder garden and Ibrahim Gunduz Day Care Centre were given “Environmental Education.”The importance of recycling was explained to the 80 kids from the kinder garden by the authorities of the Environmental Protection and Control Department; children were informed about recycling of the glass, paper, plastic and trash and keeping the environment clean.
The "Environmental Awareness Trainings" project, which is generally applied to 3rd and 4th year students, is continuing education in a wider scope with the involvement of nurseries and kinder gardens.
As educations aims to learn by having fun, after the teachings, the children were givens oil and water penny banks, glowing pens and training packages (notebook and dental care set).
2016-2017 education period will continue throughout the year, and it is expected to reach 100 thousand students by the end of the year.

3.11.2016:The organization T-One Der, aiming to introduce a significant part of the mosaics, one of the most important cultural heritages of Anatolia, organized a presentation of the “Mosaic Road Project” at the UNESCO Headquarter in Paris (France). The 40th World Heritage Committee Session of the "Mosaic Road" project was organized, related to the mosaic artefacts revealed in the archaeological excavations made in the region of Gaziantep, Hatay, Kahramanmaraş and Şanlıurfa, which hosted countless civilizations.
Mrs Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director General, said at the conference that the mosaics reflect the culture and history of people who have lived since 4000 years.
Before, the promotion of the project has been done in Switzerland and Italy. 
In the presentation which was held in UNESCO building, the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Department of Cultural and Social Affairs presented the documents about mosaic and presents, and explained the mosaic construction stages in practice. In addition, the micro mosaic exhibition held at the "Mosaic Art Centre", a joint project of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and Silk Road Development Agency, attracted great interest among the participants.

1.11.2016: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality launches Turkey's first practical "Children's Library". In the library built inside of the Park thanks to the initiatives of the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin, the children will be able to not only read books but perform music, painting workshops and drama activities; to improve children's cultural and artistic skills. Story time, creative fairy tales and authorship workshops are aimed at realizing many activities that will expand children's imagination and contribute to their mental development.
There are exhibition areas where children will exhibit their works; the application departments are located in the library, which has workshops as well as resting and reading areas. In addition, children's book authors and experts are planning to organize interviews and activities for children.
The library will have many books from different authors and Children will be able borrow books, read them, bring them back to the library, and get new books. Through the system installed in the library, many activities will be organized to encourage children to read and borrow books.

18-21.08.2016: Mixed Photograph Exhibition organized by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality was opened:Exhibition was opened at Gaziantep Culture and Art Centre (previous courthouse).
The photographer Mehmet Fatih Eminoğlu teaching courses to GASMEK students informed that courses are organized every 3 months and there are 67 photographs which were taken at places such as Istanbul, Amasya, Safranbolu, Antalya and Alanya at the exhibition.
Especially Syrian-themed photographs which attracted many youngsters attention are presented in some sections of the exhibition.

18.08.2016: Summer Science workshops:Summer Science Workshops have been held in Planetarium and Science Centre within Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Head of Culture and Social Affairs Department.
11 different kinds of Summer Science Workshops have been held during between 18th of July and 12th of August.
Youngsters showed a lot of interests to the “Robot Programming”, “Robotic”, “Young Engineers”, “Astronomy and Solar Observation”, “Traditional Solar System”, “Specific Gravity”, “Feast Colouring”, “Story Hunters”, “Painter Robot”, “Enjoyable Science”, “Modelling Livers”. 465 children and young including 66 Syrians attended to the workshops during 5 weeks.
Students, benefiting from the workshops, participated during summer holidays. It is aimed that students gain the qualities such as using their creativity, analytic thinking, teamwork habits, learning how to question.
Children and the youngsters attending to the workshops that appeal to their age group gets a chance to learn science, astrology, technology from the summer science workshops and they had a lot of fun by applying what they learnt.

17.08.2016: Women are learning how to read and write. :Free literacy classes are being organized for the illiterate women in Gaziantep under the initiative of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mrs Fatma Şahin.
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Art and Vocational Training Courses (GASMEK) provides free courses for everyone in order to facilitate the access to a profession in the city and districts; women aged 20 to 66 show great interest to these courses and get the opportunity to have a profession by attending various different courses after learning how to read and write.
GASMEK’s literacy courses are given in 6 different course centres and lasts 3 months. Certificates are given to the participants after completing the training which lasts 3 hours and 3 days a week.

17.05.2016: Opening ceremony of the 8th session of the paintings and art’s exhibition from Slovenian artists in Gaziantep. With the presence of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Vice M

18.05.2016: In order to support UNESCO’s conviction on the importance of museums as a place for dialogue, mutual understanding and common values, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality celebrated the Museum Day. Activities have been organized in most of the city’s museums as tea time for children at the Toy Museum (with traditional sweet dishes) or guided visits. Museums were opened until 11 p.m.

17.05.2016: Opening ceremony of the 8th session of the paintings and art’s exhibition from Slovenian artists in Gaziantep. With the presence of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Vice M

18.05.2016: In order to support UNESCO’s conviction on the importance of museums as a place for dialogue, mutual understanding and common values, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality celebrated the Museum Day. Activities have been organized in most of the city’s museums as tea time for children at the Toy Museum (with traditional sweet dishes) or guided visits. Museums were opened until 11 p.m.

17.05.2016: Opening ceremony of the 8th session of the paintings and art’s exhibition from Slovenian artists in Gaziantep. With the presence of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Vice Mayor, the Ambassador of the Slovenian Republic in Ankara and some representatives of the Slovenian Republic. This exhibition seals the friendly relation that exists between the two countries (Gaziantep is twinned with Celje in Slovenia). Slovenian and Turkish artists exchanged their view on art and shared their perspectives on the future of art with some young people presents on this event. Some 40 pieces of arts (paintings and sculptures) are exposed during this exhibition.

13.05.2016: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Gaziantep University (with the participation of the Social Awareness Project Centre of the University) and the team of the magazine “Gastro Magazine” organized a discussion on the topic of The UNESCO Creative Cities and the importance of the network in the development of the city of Gaziantep. Discussion was open for students and public.

09.05.2016: GASMEK (Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Art and Vocational Training Centre) opened a new cultural centre in Karataş district. The free of charge courses consist of art and design, music, Turkish Islamic arts, information technologies, crafts, foreign language, beauty and hair care services, garment manufacturing technology, elderly care, child development, etc.

03-08.05.2016: In association with TÜYAP, the Association of the Turkish Editors, the Governorship of Gaziantep, Gaziantep University, Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality organized Gaziantep Annual Book Fair. The event was again a success with more than 100.000 of visitors for 75 publishing house.

23.04.2016: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and Mizyal Art Museum organized a Kids Drawings Contest with 18 different countries and near 4.000 students (from 5 to 19 years old). The thematic of the contest, which is in its 28th year, was this year on “cultural values, nature and life in community”. The contest has been closed by a puppet performance presented by a team of artists from Bulgaria.

18-21.04.2016: UCLG-MEWA (United Cities & Local Governments Middle East and West Asia Section) Committee on Social Inclusion and Migration, Culture and Gastronomy Summit was held in Gaziantep. A session of the conference was devoted to the Culture and Gastronomy as key factors in planning and designing cities (how the interplay of physical design and socio-spatial practices centered on food and culture can help to maintain socially rich, productive and sustainable urban space). In that scope, debates closed on the following recommendations: stimulating productions locally; increasing relation between social statutes; focusing on food and cultures as guide to new live styles.

14.04.2016: After 2 years of renovation, the former Gaziantep’s courthouse opens as a Culture and Art Centre. The floors were replaced by mosaics following the antic roman method and by using recycled materials (as laminated and tempered glass pieces). Mosaics have been done by young drug addict people who are aimed to be rehabilitated in rehabilitation institute and by women from women’s shelter. The centre will provide workshops on glass, ebru, mosaic and drawing, courses on music, fashion and beaux arts. Moreover, the centre will work as an art gallery, with exhibition halls, cafes, art centre, theatre and library for kids, etc.

06.04.2016: In the framework of the 7th Children Festival, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality has organized a cinema fair for the children which have never been to cinema before. They could watch an animation movie.

• Innovation in Concept of Cultural Heritage

From 2010 to 2012, as part of the Leonardo da Vinci program, 5 to 9 specialists respectively representatives their cities, got together in Scotland to conduct researches on gastronomy, crafts, literature and music. Under this project, 10 foreign cultural heritage specialists from Scotland examined the protection of cultural heritage (projects with a relationship sustainable development EU grant funding of national origin). These projects, with the participation of KUMID members for 10 days, were notably concerning GAP region, including Gaziantep and the surrounding cities (Siirt, Şanlıurfa, Diyarbakır, etc.). During these meetings, experts exchanged information with authorities and relevant persons (project managers, trainees, etc), visit historic and natural heritage of the area as well as museums. In scope of the project, the program of the future visitors has been prepared by KUMID, GAP Office (Ankara), Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce and ARSAN Travel Centre (Gaziantep) with their valuable and voluntary contributions.

(for more informations: )

• Disadvantaged Groups

Since the civil war in Syria breaked out, an intense migration flow has been starting from Syria to Turkey. One of the most affected provinces from this migration flows is undoubtedly Gaziantep. According to last figures 300,000 Syrian refugees are living in Gaziantep.

Many of assistance and support are provided to these refugees by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. Health and Social Services Department carries out this aids as follows:

Food (Food aid from 3 food processing firms, periodic food aid)
Education (according to the Syrian degree courses, Syrian information and training centres courses are given, as well as courses within the Turkish education system)
Health (Examinations services in medical centers)
Clothes (Periodic clothes aid)
Blankets aid, etc.

• Education and training program for disabled people

In March 2015, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Disabled Department prepared six projects in accordance with the Ministry of Labour and Employment Agency who allocated the funds especially for these projects.
First planned projects and teaching programms:

"I produce my mind”: Mentally handicapped people: accessories made from waste paper and various packaging
“Seeing Hands”: Computer lessons for blind people
“Computer lessons (graphic and animation)”: for deaf people
“Work without handicap, Service without handicap”: computer repair and maintenance course for deaf people

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality plans to open a "Down Café" for citizens suffering from Down’s syndrome. Besides, SODES, as part of the "Productive Hands" Project on gluten-free flour production, planned a total collaboration of disabled people. If the project is realized, all employees will be people with disabilities.

• International Mosaic Contest

In 2013, the first edition of an International Contest was held in the Museum Hall Exhibition of Zeugma Mosaic Museum, accompanied of conferences given by the artists onto their creative process. 15 different countries joined the contest and it was the first time that such a contest took place in Turkey. “The aim of organizing the contest was to make the city active in the field of culture” said on this occasion the vice chairman of Culture and Tourism Ministry Mehmet Aykanat. This first year the winner was the Italian artist Giulio Menossi.

• Festivals

İnternational Pistachio Festival of Culture and Arts

Since 2005 an annual international Pistachio Festival of Culture and Arts is organized in Gaziantep by the Metropolitan Municipality.

Delegations of different countries are on this occasion invited to participate to this event, as last year for instance, when Cameroon’s Delegation proposed a show dance. Photographic exhibitions, music concerts, etc. are also proposed during the Gaziantep Pistachio Festival. Concerning gastronomy, baklavas eating contest, best traditional dish competition or best pistachio nut are organized. This festival lasts 5 days.

• Pomegranate and Culture Festival

Pomegranate and Culture Festival takes place in Oğuzeli one day in September. During this festival are presented and tasted dishes prepared with pomegranate, a food basic in particular in the manufacturing of pomegranate sauce, a sort of bitter-sweet vinegar which is mainly in use as seasoning salads, consumed all year long in Gaziantep.

• Shira Festival

Since 3 years, Şirehan food and beverage festival of Gaziantep is organized in a restored caravanserai, transformed in hotel and restaurant. The purpose of this festival turns around the Shira which was a part of the historical vintage festivals which roots back to the Bacchanalia. In Gaziantep, people were not just producing wine but many desserts or molasses based on grape. This production was done with all the local people before winter to be able to consume grapes products during that period. The Şirehan Festival aims to remind and maintain the shira tradition. It last 3 days in the course which starts with vintage, continues with all stages of shira making, and achieves by the presentation of meals cooked by chefs from different countries. Every year, the festival turns around a specific them and program includes the intervention of other cultural domains as visit of archaeological sites, museums, etc. Local, national and international participants share so on this occasion their assets, experimentations, and expectations.

• Zeugma international film festival

In 2014, an International Zeugma Film Festival was organized in Gaziantep for a week, with more than 60 short and feature-length films presented along, 19 documentaries and many panel discussions. Speaking during the festival's launch event, Turkish actor Kadir İnanır said a country's happiness is dependent on its culture and arts. Author Ahmet Ümit agreed with İnanır and highlighted the need to organize more festivals in the industrial city to revive culture and arts.

• Cultural Road Project

It is a winning project implemented by the Municipality of Gaziantep. The project includes the restoration of the historic district in the city centre and the regulation of roads and sidewalks in the surrounding areas. As part of this Project, we can find some restored structures in the list below:

Gaziantep Castel
Naim Turkish bath
Bayaz Caravanserai
Büdeyri Caravanserai
Şıra Caravanserai
Emine Göğüs Kitchen museum
Coppersmiths street
Kürkçü Caravanserai
Boyavı Mosque
Kurtuluş Mosque
Şirvan Mosque
Old Gaziantep houses in Bey Street
Ömer Ersoy Cultural Centre

• International Mosaic Competition, 2015

"International Gaziantep Mosaic Competition 2015 will be held by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism.

In the scope of Project which aims the studies will become a centre that will contribute to development of Gaziantep's artistic and cultural activities, mosaic artists and art lovers will come together.

Project started in April and it will take Provincial directorate of culture and tourism approximately 6 months, the competition will be held for three days. The arts will be judged and the award ceremony will be done during the ceremony. The contest will be held on 22-24 October; the winning works will be exhibited. Later on, the Works will stay in the Provincial directorate of culture and tourism, and then in subsequent years, the Works will bring all together and become a collection of contemporary mosaics. After the competition, the artists participating in the competition will have Gaziantep city tour and Zeugma Ancient city and mosaics will be presented to the visitors.

Meanwhile, the first mosaic competition was held as "90 Works International Mosaic Competition" on behalf of 90th anniversary of Proclamation of the Republic in 2013. This project was prepared by Gaziantep Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism and it was supported by Prime Ministry Promotion Fund and local sponsors.

• The municipality say no to violence, 2010

The General Office of the European Union in association with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) offered support to the municipal “Women’s Refuge Project” initiated by “Women say no to violence”. The scope of the project is located in the provinces of Gaziantep where a study on women and violence is being undertaken.