Essentials of city cuisine
Gaziantep is located in the North-western of Mesopotamia where mankind started to make the agriculture and livestock for the first time. Mediterranean and continental climate could be seen in this region. The climate and fertile soil provide numerous different agricultural products for Gaziantep.

The city bears witness dozens of different eras in the human history. City was established in one of the most important points of the historical Silk Road. For thousands of years; cultures, ideas, science were exchanged and city's cuisine is effected by all these features. Gaziantep is the city which collated the dozens of different cultures from Yemen to the Caucasus in the North and from India to Aegean region of Anatolia on the east-west line. Throughout the history, the city's cuisine has been the strongest element of this cultural blend.

DIVERSITY IN AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS: When city's agricultural production and cultural diversity come together, it had led to originate a wide range of food - drink products. With the support of geographical and climatic conditions, agricultural products has been presented on the use of numerous different option in Gaziantep cuisine. Grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, Gaziantep pistachio, dozens of different local herbs and spices, grown in local, have led to creation of more than 400 unique dishes.

There is variety of cooking methods of the fruits, vegetables and legumes. All of these agricultural products are cooked with meat, boiled, seasoned with sauces, fried and grilled. Meats can be also seasoned, fried, boiled in sauce and grilled; sometimes it is served alone or combined with different meals and prepared with pastries in the “district bakeries”.

Besides consumed as fresh fruit, they are made as sorbet, compotes, jams; also sundried and they can be used in desserts or salads. Pistachio named as Gaziantep pistachio can be used in dishes and salad, such as simply, puré, crushed, mixed with sugar.

DIVERSITY IN CONSUMING TECHNIQUES: As seen in this city, it is ensured that the diversity of agricultural products are in different combinations and techniques rather then consuming ways. However, it should be indicated that the main feature of Gaziantep cuisine is to consume the foods fresh and in the season. The fruits and vegetables are very limited in fresh consumption time, then these products are processed and stored with traditional methods and are later comsumed.
When the summer comes, families in this city begin to prepare for winter. Tarhana, tomato paste, pickles, sun dried fruits and vegetables, jams, grape molasses are prepared; pomegranate sour sauce is made and legumes are sun dried. When the winter comes, olives are salted and pickled, olive oil is extracted and so it is provided to use the agricultural products for four seasons.